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Silagra, is a product of Cipla, which contains Sildenafil Citrate as it is an ingredient that allows men to get free of erection problems. It will help men with erection problems to acquire satisfaction during the sex. It functions exactly like its branded version, The Viagra  pill, but can be ordered online at low cost.  Silagra comes in 100mg pills. When taken they improve the blood circulation to the menreproductive system thus, helping the impotent men to get rid of erection and also allows strong erection during sexual stimulation. This drug has become a worldwide famous medication to treat erection issues because of its awesome efficiency to take care of the effected of men for Ed issue. You can get over the erection issues with help of this product, regardless of your age.

Silagra is a suggested oral tablet for men impacted by erection problems or erection problems. It is sexual conditions were men cannot obtain or maintain hardons until the ejaculation during the sexual stimulation. Thus, with pills like Silagra, hardons get quickly possible in such men which allows them to enjoy a sexual life. Thus, Silagra is among the most suggested ED product in the market that allows men to have a better effectiveness in bed.

Tab's Strength Price For New Customer Price For Returning Customer
12 Pills 100mg$40.00 $38.00
20 Pills 100mg $65.00 $60.00
34 Pills 100mg $90.00 $84.00
52 Pills 100mg $105.00 $100.00
64 Pills 100mg $120.00 $110.00
76 Pills 100mg $130.00 $122.00
100 Pills + 8 FREE 100mg $160.00 $150.00
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It treats the erection problems by exciting the blood vessels flow to the men reproduction that was performing badly. Silagra support the action of substance cGMP that energizes the blood flow to the men penile region, which makes the men reproduction body system difficult. The arteries in it get hard and block the blood vessels flow out of the reproduction organ. Due to this, the men are able to keep the hardness of men reproduction whole body for the ample period during the sexual stimulation. It is a particular chemical of cyclic guanosine monophosphate-specific phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE5). It helps the smooth muscles in the reproduction whole body of men to relax, which efficiently increases blood vessels flow.

Thus Silagra 100mg item allows men by giving them powerful erection for many years. Sildenafil is the main effective substance of Silagra 100mg, makes it possible for men to treat ED without any problem. Thus by using this medication man is able to obtain powerful erection again throughout love-making action.

Silagra supports men in preserving long-lasting erections: The medication of Silagra restrict the working of PDE5 type which is key responsible in offering inadequate hardons. Thus, it provides out successfully blood flow into the male organ that gives out hardons that is stronger, more difficult and more powerful for sex. This allows men to obtain the ejaculation very quickly as the erection continues to be long for four to five hour in men.

Silagra is comparative to its labeled ones: The medication of Silagra contain the same compound factor known as Sildenafil Citrate, as its noticeable relative. Hence, Silagra will work and gives out the same performance in all manners. Silagra provides the same therapeutic outcomes as its marked relative. Silagra boosts the sexual life of a couple: The medication of Silagra allow men to acquire hardons easily and, thus coming back their losing ensure. Silagra improve the sexual relationship off partners that is impacted due to lack of closeness. Silagra is less expensive than its product equivalent: The pill of Silagra is available at a more expensive cost than its item relative. But, the medication of Silagra offer out the same results as the item ones because of its comparable elements.

It is suggested to take the dose of Silagra as 100 mg quantity in a day. If you going to have sex, then it is best to take it 40 minutes to a time before you’re planning to do basically like. The best point about this pill is that whatever may be your age you would be getting the same effect. You can participate in the results of medications for about 4 to 6 hours. It must be taken orally and must be ingested whole with normal water, prevent smashing, eating, or powder the pills. For the old men it is better to begin the quantity of the Silagra with 50 mg at initial stage and if no adverse reactions are activated then you can take quantity to 100 mg in a day. This pill is taken as needed to prevent over dosage. Do not take this medication in undesirable because can damage your health. Avoid taking this medication if you experience any side effects

100mg pill of Silagra also has some typical undesirable reactions which are short-term in nature. They gos off once your   body gets used to with the medication chemical such as :



Stomach upset

Running nose

Vision changes

It is also noticed that extensive visibility to sun radiation may reduce the impact of this medication hence it is better to avoid going out after consumption of this medication.

Serious adverse reactions like –

Irregular heart beats

Cardiac arrest

Heart stroke

All these have been revealed hardly ever in men getting silagra, most, but not all of these men had know heart relevant diseases before you take this medication. Please get in contact with the physician immediately you may notice any of these serious side effects. When you see the extensive security of men reproduction for more than 4 hours get in contact with problems immediately because it may cause to the serious damage to nervousness in men reproduction body and they may hurry resulting in in loss of blood.

Men with Peyronie’s disease must check with the physician before getting this erection issues medication because it may increase the issues. If you have maintained serious heart issue, have had the recent heart attack, sickle cell anemia, low or out of control high blood pressure then please check with issues before getting Silagra. If you are sensitive to Sildenafil citrate then it is suggested to not to take this medication or take it only with the prior prescription of doctor. Don’t take this pill when you have taken alcohol because possibly the results late or sometimes you may are not able to accomplish the impact. Surge in the side effects is also described when alcohol is taken soon after or before the Silagra pills.

It is not designed for use by women or by children therefore keep it away from them. It is only made for the men. Always keep this medication in  dry place. Take it out of the pack only when you need it. Avoid having this medication regularly as regular consumption of this pill can cause serious health issue. In few circumstances it was described that men were neglecting to have the difficult on without medications consumption.  Medication that consist of nitrates, in particular nitroglycerine should be taken along with the Silagra.   Heart attack, heart stroke, or faintness is mentioned sometimes. Medication like isosorbide mononitrate and isosorbide dinitrate should be ignored as they contain nitrates. Please for physician or the pharmacologist to know more medication containing nitrates.