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There are many people who dislike broccoli and avoid it in their diet yet it comes packed with goodness. Broccoli is loaded with   vitamin C, dietary fiber, multiple nutrients, and effective anti-cancer properties like diindolylmethane and selenium. It is observed that a single serving provides more than 30 mg vitamin C. Diindolylmethane which is an element found in broccoli is effective modulator for immune system with anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-cancer.

Broccoli also contains glucoraphanin which is an element which procedure into anti-cancer compound named as sulforaphane. Along with this broccoli is a great source of indole-3-carbinol which is a chemical that helps to boost DNA repair in cells and also block the growth of cancer cell.  This vegetable also has the highest levels of carotenoids, lutein beta-carotene which helps to reduce   prostate cancer, heart disease, cataracts, high blood pressure and many more.

It  found that boiling broccoli lower the level of suspected anti-carcinogenic compounds like sulforaphane which is an anti-cancer compound. Therefore due to this you should try other preparation methods like steaming, microwaving or stir frying as it do not give such effect on the compounds.

  You can the following recipes as that are guaranteed to overturn ill feelings

  1. Soup:

Fry up chopped garlic cloves and chopped onions with 1tsp olive oil. Add carrot, celery stalk or potato in it and fir until done. Then add broccoli florets, crush 1tsp dried basil and stir it. Pour stock as per need the simmer until vegetables are cooked and blend it until it is smooth. Bring a boil in it and garnish it with swirl of cream.

  1. Bake

Make mushroom soup as directed on the packet and keep it aside. Then sauté chopped garlic cloves and   chopped onions. Fry it until translucent. Add chopped broccoli florets, chopped carrot, chopped mushrooms and chopped and deseeded red bell pepper in it. Fry it for few minutes in very less oil. After that add mushroom soup in that and bring a boil in it.  Boil fusilli drain it and mix it with the vegetable sauce. Then pour it in the contents into an oven-proof dish and add some breadcrumbs at the top with some blobs of butter. Bake this in a preheated oven at 160.c for about 20 minutes and serves it.

  1. Paratha

Grate   broccoli with chopped onions along with grated ginger, chopped pudina ( mint), chopped green chillies and1tsp garam masala, 1.2 tsp red chilli powder and salt as per taste. Knead atta which you use for rotis. Roll out; put a part of stuffing in the center and close potli-style. Then roll out paratha and cook it on the pan using oil and serves it hot with chilli chutney or pickle.


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