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Hair Loss – The Major Problem In Men And Women

Hair Loss – The Major Problem In Men And Women

Today we are going to discuss the biggest problem faced by a young generation that is nothing but “hair loss”.   Yes, hair loss is a problem, which can happen to anyone of any age. The main reason for hair loss is stress, hormonal changes, high fever or several illnesses, thyroid disorders, iron deficiency or improper diet.

In olden times, this was not a very common problem. People were unaware of the treatment. If this problem occurs, they use to prefer home remedies like Massage the scalp with any of this oil like almond, coconut, amla. Alternatively, they use to eat a handful of white sesame seeds as it contains calcium and magnesium to ignite the required nourishment of our scalp not to lose hair. Now a day’s people use different treatments for hair loss.

 In order to stop hair loss and get your hair growth cycle back to its regular pattern, you can use following tips for hair loss:

  • In order to prevent from hair loss issue try not to stress.
  • A healthy diet loaded with protein, vitamin E keeps your hair looking full and shiny.
  • An iron deficiency can also be a reason more hair to fall out.
  • Treat your hair gently with a clean comb and keep your hairs clean and dandruff free.
  • Always try to take proper sleep of 8 hours.
  • Take daily scalp massage with natural oils, as it will stimulate blood flow to your hair.
  • You must avoid the direct application of heat as much as possible.
  • Right cleaning of the hair and gently rubbing of the scalp with a towel after a hair wash is essential.

As an alternative, you can get the consultation from the doctor for using pills. There are medicines, which you can use for reducing hair loss such as for example Generic Propecia.

Treat your hair with utmost care because its an add beauty for you. So take care…